About Lonnie & Delinda

Lonnie & Delinda met in Islamorada Florida back in 1991 and have been performing music together from the very beginning.
Lonnie lived in Merritt Island and operated his Recording Studio
L.N.G. Recording Studio since 1978-1999 while also performing
live music. Delinda worked at MCSO as a Detention Deputy until
they married and re-located to Merritt Island, Florida.
Lonnie sent Delinda a keyboard after their first date when they
sang together on the beach at Ocean 80 Resort in Islamorada, Florida . Lonnie has performed locally in the Merritt Island area since he was only 16 years of age. He can play bass, guitar, keyboards, drums, harp and taught Delinda to play keyboards when they married in 1992.  Lonnie has recorded and produced, engineered many musicians/artists and local bands over the years, until he retired from his recording business in 1999. Delinda started performing with Lonnie in 1993 when the Duo was formed . She also started her D.J. service at that time, to play for weddings and private parties known as D.J. Speaks . They play a variety of live music genre : Oldies(50s, 60’s) Classic Rock, Reggae, Island, Country, Jazz. They perform for many age groups and venues , events live music or D.J.